Your favorite celebrities are wearing this 2020 fashion trend, what are you waiting for?

Pearl Jewelry is Top 5 New Accessories Trend in Spring 2020, according to Harper’s Bazaar. This classic style is getting hotter than ever!

At the 2020 Grammy Awards in January I witnessed the true variety of what can be done with pearls. I keep pearls in my jewelry box, some simple lustrous freshwater hoops, and a few other keepsakes that I adore. I love pearls, especially freshwater pearls for their radiant character. 

I love that they’re back in style. I get to see my favorite musicians merge talents with jewelry designers and watch the extreme, dazzling beauty take shape.  Let’s start with Camilla Cabello, looking like a princess in a pink gown draped in pink pearls. She brought tears to our eyes singing to her father from her last record “Romance”.

 Nikita Dragun flaunted her fabulous curves in a sheer dress studded with pearls and diamonds.

Internet Celebrity Liza Koshy - former youtube powerhouse- wore Colette Black Pearl earrings to go with her fringed zebra dress. We’re sensing a trend.

The Jonas Brothers burnt the stage with the performance of their newest songs. Fans can’t be more impressed with the classy black and gold look. And look at what they chose to complete that look. A simple pearl choker!!!

 If you’re asking for pearls, though, Shaun Ross’ pearl covered, well, everything takes the cake.

Pharrell Williams is a fashion icon and he picked chains of pearls to go with his Coco Chanel’s outfit back in 2017

Many other Hollywood men go with pearls when it comes to their fashion look too!

British singer Harry Styles always amazes fans with his baroque fashion taste. His favorite jewelry must be pearls, because he wears the same amazing collection of pearl jewelry to the Grammy’s that he does to the pizza parlor.

It’s looking like pearls are here to stay! I’m going to update my pearl collection pronto, and I think you should too!  




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