Why do women need pearls in their daily lives?

Why do women need pearls in their daily lives?


Are you a busy woman with a great deal of responsibility? Do you always find a way to make your fashion style outstanding and refreshing everyday? Do you think you deserve more appreciation and self-love? Why don’t you give yourself a sweet treat with something simple but beautiful? That’s when you know you need a piece of pearl. Why? Because pearl stands for: 


In many ancient societies, pearls symbolize the moon and mystical power. Ancient Chineses believe pearls can protect people from danger, especially fire. Egyptian leaders like Cleopatra treasured pearls as a statement of royalty and power with infinite beauty. Persians think that pearls are the creation after the storm when the rainbow and thunder meet. The magic of pearl is generated from the old age until the current time and its value stays the same. The luminous look of pearl is undeniable.



Thanks to the purity in quality and the transparent look, pearls are the savior when we run out of styling ideas. A pearl pendant is perfect for a simple one-color dress, but also a pair of pearl earrings can be a “wow” factor for a dress down outfit of shirt and jeans. For an everyday look at work, the pearls studs coming with a delicate pearl ring complete a neat and feminine style. Just in case you don’t know, pearls are considered a contemporary trend in fashion that goes with your complete style.


Love & Happiness

Not only a magical symbol, a pearl is also considered the incarnation of purity of tears. Ancient Greek said that pearls were the tears of the gods. There is also a saying that a bride wears pearls in the wedding so she doesn’t cry too much because the pearl keeps all the best of love and joyful tears to the person who wears it.



Last but not least, all women deserve a beautiful pair of pearls, simply because pearls are all that stand for femininity and beauty. Though gold is fiery, diamonds are shining, pearls always catch the eyes of people by its precious and pure look. No crazy fancy price but brings a unique value, pearls are the gem for anytime, anywhere. 


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