How to dress up in jewelry for your best friend’s wedding for less than $50

A wedding can be expensive, for both the hosts...and the guests. But we’re here to save you from crazy spending, so you can show up relaxed and ready for your best friend’s wedding!

 Weddings can be expensive, for both the hosts and the guests, especially when the bride or the groom is your closest friend. You want to show your love and support in everything they do for you, and the wedding is your chance. You’ll be the registry gifting, dress code bargaining or hotel booking so your friend doesn’t have to. You’ll be tired, excited, and full of happiness. We’re here to help take the pressure off by helping you choose that perfect gift for the bride or bridesmaids. Get something for yourself, too, and you’ll be spending less than $50 each!

 First, a great accessory for a wedding? Shout out to PEARLS! Pearls are more than a thousand-year-old but never get old kind of jewelry. They have become a symbol of classic beauty while prevailing in the contemporary fashion world. For that reason, they can be expensive. However, Gemstory brings you a variety of choices with different pearl sets to make you shine, without spending a diamond.


 Just pearl:, A touch of white pearl always lights up your face. From a simple, mono-color dress to a patterned dress or jumpsuit, these simple, delicate and classic earrings are the perfect add-in for any wedding outfit.



 Pearls’ statement: Pearl lovers can show their lovely gorgeous pearls with our subtle designs, offered in a necklace or earrings. Wear them with outfits that show your neck and ears, like v-neck dresses or t-shirt with a falling neckline.



Gold & Pearl: Nothing can look more stunning than a gold hoop with a Baroque Freshwater Pearl. You’ll look classic but trendy in those minimalist earrings, for just less than $50

  $35 to $45


 Curving shape: If you’re looking for something more unique, this silver heart shape with a round pearl spotlight is your best option. Nobody will miss how cute your choice of pearl can be! Couple these earrings with any dress or navy blue blazer.

 Long or Short style pearls: Whether you’re looking for a long swooping elegance or a small jingling tune, these earrings offer movement. Wear them with a small black cocktail dress or evening gown.

$20 to $35


$26+12 (on sale)

Ready for a pearl combo? These cute flower earrings and necklace combo are now sold as a set! That’s right, our flower pearl necklace is on sale for just $!2! Match it with our flower pearl earrings and you’ll have a beautiful pearl necklace set for under $40!



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