Tips to style your fashion with pearl

Tips to style your fashion with pearl


We all know the pearl is Contemporary in fashion now. So how can we accessorize this gem to upgrade the look of our fashion style? Here are some breezy-easy tips for your pearl wearing pleasure. 

Mix-match with outfit’s color: 

Black/White/Beige or nude, neutral color 

For ladies who love the minimalist style, black, white, or beige is always the top choice. You can never go wrong with black, and nothing is more classic and outstanding than the combination of a black dress and white pearl necklace. Feel free to try out different lengths of pearl strands with your dress style: if your dress has a v-neck or scoop neckline, try the opera necklace; or try princess pearl with a strapless dress top. For a little of that legendary “Gatsby” look for your neckline, try a rope of pearls and let them swing.


Try some charming stylish pearl earrings to go with your classic white or beige dress. Do you want to look elegant or confident? A pair of white pearls with its unique shape will bring poise and tenacity to any outfit. 


Colorful outfit

If you are a fan of colorful outfits, a tint of pearls will complete your outstanding style. If the color of your outfit is bright or in neon style, a silver shape adorned with a small piece of pearl earrings will balance all the colors and create more of a mellow yet vibrant vibe.



#OOTD with patterns


Accessories can be glitzy and wind up redundant when paired with patterns outfits. That’s when a pair of single pearl earrings becomes a savior. Simple, delicate but outstanding, your floral dress looks exceptional with a little of the versatile pearl. 

Delight a hip, bohemian style

Who said that bohemian style only goes with gemstone jewelry? This long pair of earrings with the highlight of a single pearl will change your mind.  Thanks to its exotic and unique look, you’ll feel like a bohemian girl dancing freely. 


Want some punk style?


Punk doesn’t mean that everything has to be black and dark, especially accessories. Give yourself freedom to choose a strong statement with your necklace choices. Our Arrow and Pearl Necklace or Pearl pendant necklace with a solid cube shape can be a perfect touch for your punk fashionista look. You can also try to have layers of pearl necklaces or pearl necklace with gold pendant to show your unique taste of style.


Be professional at the workplace 

Feminine look


When you go to work, you want to look professional and trendy. Pearls are the answer for you! A set of single pearl necklaces and earrings match well with either a white shirt and mini jupe, or with a formal jacket. You’ll look energetic but very feminine with just this small touch.

Menswear vibe



Pearls are for everybody at any age, including ladies who are inspired by a strong look of menswear. Imagine yourself wearing a black suit with a strand of pearls and statement golden baroque pearls hoops earrings. This is the look of an independent, successful and strong woman in the contemporary world. Why only go for one pearl when you can have two? 


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