5 Pearl Palettes and When to Wear Them

5 Pearl Palettes and When to Wear Them

Pretty In Pink

Pink pearls are known as Akoya pearls. White is the overtone of the akoya pearl, but pink undertones catch the eye and create a rare pink pearl. The overtone is known as a rosé. Wear these rosé or pink pearls out with friends throughout the week in a choker, or in a small amount (one drop earring or stud) to work with a white collared shirt.


The Black Pearl

Created by a type of oyster called Pinctada margaritifera or,  the “black-lip oyster”, these beauties can be worn with an evening gown or to any special event. While not expensive, they are dramatic... so wearing them with a black silk shirt and jeans might make a surprise  that states casual elegance. Wear them with anything, just know that they pack a punch!


Orange Pearls

Wear Orange Pearls when going to work on a Friday. Orange pearls are rare, and have a highly luminous quality. That being said, they’re not too sparkly to wear to work. Sophisticated and bright but understated, these pearls will lend themselves easily to cocktails after work or into the romantic unknown. 


Grey Gardens 

Wear Gray Pearls to the office with an elegant silk shirt in the same tone. You’ll look sophisticated, and the triple sets of shapes will work in your favor:  Wearing your twisted strand of pearls and a simple silk scoop neck will accentuate the curve of your neck. 


White Freshwater Pearls

If you’re wearing white pearls to work and they are a long, dramatic strand… tie them off in the center and wear them with any fitted button down. This will eliminate some movement from the necklace and allow you to work without interruption. After work is over, unwravel those pearls and head out on the town! A small pearl choker can be worn with any top on any occasion. Wear them and feel the luminous quality outline the curve of your neck. See our article “Five Reasons to Buy Baroque” for how to wear baroque pearls.


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