How Big is a 12mm Keshi Pearl and how is it formed?

 How Big is a 12mm Keshi Pearl and how is it formed?

A keshi pearl is formed in a culturing process, when a small piece of the introduced culture breaks off within the body of the mollusk. Because of this unlikely occurrence, Keshi pearls aren’t found in large quantities and are extremely rare. The broken piece becomes a second, secret pearl. Because keshi pearls are formed of only the protective body of the pearl, they have especially lustrous and shimmering surface quality. Most keshi, in fact, have a greater luster than even the highest quality cultured pearls, because the protective layer (called the nacre) is more luminous than regular pearls. 

To give you an idea of the size of an alluring 12mm keshi pearl, we’ve placed it next to a nickel with a diameter of 21.21mm. These pearls are just over half the size of a nickel. Just the right size for work attire, these FLAT PEARL GOLDEN DROP EARRINGS a are relaxed and elegant natural phenomenon. 


Unique and delicate keshi coin pearls, paired with subtle yellow gold make for the perfect everyday earrings. Petite and graceful, you can wear them to work or play for a fun spot of dancing light. 


Great for oval, round, or long shaped faces. 


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