Freshwater Pearls and Why you want them?

Freshwater Pearls and Why you want them?

Pearls are the current fashion for everyone. These precious gems always surprise both the person wearing them, and the person looking at them. Thanks to its varied shape, look and color variety, freshwater pearls are a must have for your jewelry box. Among different types of pearls, freshwater pearls stand out in contemporary life as the most practical and wearable pearl for any occasion. 

What to know about the freshwater pearl

 They are pearls that are grown on pearl farms using freshwater mollusks such as mussels. Freshwater pearls are cultured pearls,  and are different from natural pearls created in the salt sea water. It can take up to five years to cultivate a pearl. The first cultured freshwater pearls originated in Lake Biwa, Japan. Nowadays, pearls can be found in Russian, European and North American rivers or lakes, but the most popular place to find qualitative and quantitative freshwater pearls is in China. 

If you think a timeless gem as pearl will be very expensive, think again. Though pearls can be a thousand or hundred-thousand dollars, freshwater pearls break that perception completely. Since the pearls are created by mussels - an organic host, the freshwater pearls can grow up approximately 10 times bigger than pearls from natural saltwater. Plus, each mollusk (mussel) can produce dozen of pearls each, which make the freshwater pearls become more popular with a better price but similar quality. 

One interesting fact about freshwater pearl is though there are a lot of pearls that can be produced at once, each freshwater pearl can have different shapes, colors and sizes. This makes freshwater pearls popular. It leads to varied inspiration in fashion and design, such as baroque or coin-shaped style pearl or colorful pearl of pink, coral, black,  rose pastel accessories. 

Who said the most popular pearl isn’t the best pearl? Check out those freshwater pearls

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