What the pearls you wear say about you

 What the pearls you wear say about you


As accessories, pearls are the final touch to complete a look. Guess what, the pearls you wear can say a lot about your personality as well. Don’t believe it? Let Gemstory tell you. 

Simple stud pearl earrings or single pearl drop 

You are the classic type with a professional at work attitude. You care about what you wear and want to make yourself look elegant, thus accessories are necessary for you. At the same time, you don’t want them to be a distraction from being professional.  You go with a beautiful, simple but neat drop of pearl and make it an add-in to your delicate outfit.


Big loop or big pearl size 

You are a fun, loving and playful person. You are always looking for something new and different. It is typical of you to mix up your accessories box and look for something original. You want to feel and look unique. Instead of a traditional chain of pearls, you’ll go with a baroque statement piece or add a fun gold & pearl hoop-earrings to your quirky style. 




Drop earrings or dangling pearls

You are the queen bee of the crowd. You want nothing less than the attention and to show how gorgeous your style can be. You aim for the stars in fashion and accept nothing short of eye catching in any scenario.  



Pearl choker


You treasure the spirit of being and staying young. You are mythic, always seeking something controversial but beautiful and astonishing. You don’t want to feel too traditional with just a single pearl, but don’t want to go extra with the chain of pearls either. You choose to combine the versatility of a pearl with the shining of diamond. 


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