Pearl Revolution: How pearl jewelry became the hottest design for modern women

In the past few years, several designers have sought to revolutionize pearl jewelry for the modern women.

Mateo NY

After five years designing jewelry for men, designer Mateo Harris launched his first collection for women in 2014. He uses pearls in his designs as an ode to modern art, with earrings suspended in orbits or mobiles. He has also made modern updates to the classic pearl necklace, such as his “Not Your Mother’s Pearl Necklace,” made with 14k gold. We want to make jewelry that women can really, truly wear and pair with their wardrobe every single day,” says the designer.

(Source: @mateonewyork)


Pernille Lauridesen

Designer Pernille Lauridesen has mingled keshi, baroque, and South Sea pearls with colored gemstones to make unique drop earrings that move as the wearer walks. 

She has also used freshwater pearls in lieu of diamonds, such as in the classic solitaire ring design.

(Source: @pernillelauridsenjewellery)


Julie Nielsdotter

Julie Nielsdotter, who launched her brand via Instagram, makes it a point to highlight the natural colors of the pearls. It's really important for me to underline the beauty of the material itself,” explains the designer, who is careful to use gold and gemstones to intensify - never outshine - the beauty of the pearl itself.

(Source: @julienielsdotterjewellery)


The Pearl Collective 

The Pearl Collective features unique creations from world-famous jewelry designers who emphasize the versatility and beauty found in the wide range of pearls available today. Their goal is to feature pieces that are very fashion forward. They appear to be planning an “Orbit Collection.”

(Source: @pearl_collective)


Misaki Monaco

Misaki Monaco has over 30 years of experience in making sophisticated and contemporary pearl designs. The pieces harmonize pure shapes and lines with precious quality materials. Misaki Monaco has a philosophy of “breaking the rules” and straying away from the conventional image that is usually boring, stale, or old. 

(Source: @misaki_monaco_official)



Using a wide variety of Freshwater Pearl, from a bold Baroque to a an elegant oval drop, Gemstory offers simple designs that highlight the beauty of the Pearl. Founder David has over 20 years of experience in the gemstone and Pearl business. His eye for gemstone quality and passion for authenticity are expressed in the beauty of the pearls. 

(Source: @gemstorynyc) 



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