Vacation Jewelry, Baecation and Girl’s Trip!

Colored gems add an accent of fun to your next vacation outfit. Our new Gem Collection is filled with a variety of colors in jewelry that moves as you do. Vibrant reds meet pastel blues, and rutilates travel through crystal clear quartz. Color is the theme of the season. 

Quartz Necklace

When you shop for vacation jewelry it should be fun and colorful. Vacation means time away from worries and cares, a time for exploration and relaxation. Gemstones should be simple with bursts of joy and color. Here you can find authentic Freshwater Pearl, Moonstone, Quartz, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Citrine and more. 

Genuine gemstones add a theatrical flair to your every experience. Imagine bathing in a waterfall wearing your Peruvian Amazonite set in golds and greens. Imagine wearing that same jewelry to work next week, and the memories you will keep. Your Freshwater Pearl Earrings reminding you of the hum of the ocean at night.


Jewelry we Recommend for Vacations

Elegant Amethyst Drop Earrings- The small chains on these beauties move as you do. If you’re out dancing with a loved at night one or strolling the oceanside, the subtle gold movement of these earrings is a crowd pleaser. 

Elegant Amethyst Drop Earrings

Gold Lapis Bracelet- Lapis looks like a navy blue in pictures, but genuine high quality lapis reflects lovely green and gold hughes. We recommend this Gold Lapis Bracelet for vacations in sunlight, so that all the natural beauty of this gemstone is appreciated.

Gold Lapis Bracelet

Playful Gems Quartz Earrings: For the backpacker, or adventure traveler, these earrings pop with natural pastel hughes that match every outfit. That’s right, you can pack one pair of earrings for a three week trip through Thailand! 

Smoky Quartz and Moonstone Drop Earrings


Real pearls and real beauty, at unreal prices.





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